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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Coffee and Cake Make Us Stronger

When deciding upon this post, I initially thought "It is not about family history".  But of course it is.  Cancer appears in every family tree somewhere and in some form.  We may not have a family history of a particular type or we may have generations who have fought the same disease.  No matter.  It is a terrible disease and we all should do everything we can to fight it.

For the last five years, I have been fundraising for Macmillan.  I saw the idea for the Big Coffee Morning and thought "well, I am not likely to be the person doing the marathon or climbing Everest for charity but I can do coffee and cake!".  So for the last few days, I have been making cakes and stockpiling teabags and getting all the spare mugs and plates out of the back of the cupboards - ready for the 2014 event tomorrow.

If you read my blog, please consider making a donation to Macmillan this week.  I cannot send you cake in return but you will be contributing to a fantastic cause!

To donate, please go to http://coffee.macmillan.org.uk/ and follow the links or text CUPCAKE to 70550 to donate £5.  Or even better, find a coffee morning near you and go along.  There will be lovely drinks and cakes, raffles and sweepstakes.  The website can even help you to find a nearby venue.
Last year, a record £20 million was raised by the Big Coffee Morning.  Even if we cannot pinpoint the effects of cancer on our own family trees, we all know someone whose family tree has been affected very recently.  Macmillan say:
"every coffee sold and every cake eaten...will give someone who's been hit by the news they have cancer the support they need to take back control of their lives".
Go on, for the sake of all of our descendants' futures, join in.
#coffeemorning to see the Tweets from the events.
(Normal, off the wall blogging service resumed this weekend!  Lecture over!)

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