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Monday, 29 May 2017

Holiday Freedom

I am not writing a full post today as I am in London with my children.  But in the light of the awful events in Manchester a week ago, I wanted to reiterate what I wrote on Instagram last week.  

We will not be defeated by people who are so far in the minority that they can only perform cowardly acts like  the Manchester bomb in order to be noticed.

I did think twice about our trip to London.  But only fleetingly, in a 'I have to do the best for my kids' kind of a way.  The parents of those children who were killed last week have set an amazing example.  We have to carry on.   Carry on as if these evil people do not exist as far as we possible can.

Yesterday we were in Covent Garden, we went to School of Rock, we went to the Sky Gardens.  Today we will be at the O2.  And as we trooped out of School of Rock in particular, still singing the songs, I thought of the excited concert goers last week.

But continuing to live our lives, with enjoyment, is a proper (insert your own rude hand gesture) to the terrorists.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday if you are in the UK.  But wherever you are, go to your waited-for events.  Be it concerts, festivals, marathons, theatres, parks,whatever.  In free societies, this is what we do.

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